Team Charlie Lives
​ Original TeamCharlie Sticker

Memories of You Bracelet
   Team Charlie Surf Shirt
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Team Charlie Products...  each of these has been teen approved... you'll look good while doing good!
STICK 'EM!!! Lockers, boats, cars, folders, or anything else that stickers go.  Licking never required.. Team Charlie! 
A Half Shell jewelry exclusive creation.... Green,  the color of organ donations, is also for luck...  The jingle of rich, heavily weighted beads reminds you that life continues, but the shiny single bead is for the brilliance that a special loved added to your life. Wear it for Charlie or in memory of  the ones you've lost... A beautifully crafted token of your love.
BACK  OF SHIRT:  large middle back logo
FRONT OF SHIRT: small upper chest logo
   Team Charlie Surf Shirt
Charlie's Angels Memorial Band
Green for organ donation... these bracelets are easy to wear and kid approved! On one side of the bracelet is "Charlie's Angels" and on the other "Live then Give".  These are great reminders to stay safe near water... and are a great way to promote Team Charlie!
Great job, Lola!
If you live in or near Virginia Beach, please email us directly if you would like to purchase items in person with cash... to avoid shipping and waiting...
Team Charlie Logo T Shirts
      Join the team with the official, Team Charlie logo t-shirts.... designed by a young local artist who played often with Charlie.  Yep.. He got him just right... Treat yourself to some new clothes.  You deserve it.  Look good while doing good. 
Please let us know kindly and right away if you have any problems with the website or orders...  We literally built each color, letter, and block by ourselves....     
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