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​Share And When The Bough Broke with those who have is sometimes the only comfort. And if you don't know what to say to the grieving, let the book be your words.

"You have just lost somebody you love very much.·You will survive. Keep reading. This will be a very hard road... a life you never wanted. You may not have the motivation to go forward...but, you will because you must. Roll your eyes...but keep reading. I know where you are... I’ve been there. These are things I wish I had known...I’ll keep it simple, because you are quick to cry and take offense...and don’t want to listen and you’re a mess. You really are. Told you I’ve been there."

(book passage)

​This book is for all of those who have lost and for those who love the ones who have lost.

In our earliest days of frightening darkness we began to journal and record what we thought, what we saw, and what we felt.

Honestly, I was truly incredulous at the depth and degree of so many death effects... involuntary physical pains, mental confusions, memory loss, decisions, sadness, fear.... There was so much that surprised us, so much we had never known that we felt compelled to tell others. No one should be caught off guard to our extent.

We also wrote for little Lola... Charlie's partner. She somehow had to know everything we had of him. When his life ended,so did the pictures, the stories, the events. The story of Charlie appeared to have an end and so we wrote of our loss, of our love, of his importance, of his influence. We were determined to share each feather of fancy that we could shake from our minds while they were fresh and recent and accurate. 

Soon, the cause of all of those who grieve became an added writing goal. They were the silent sufferers. Too often, the noise dies down, the consoling ceases, the conversations turn lighter and brighter and then they know... the journey must be continued alone. There is no outward wheelchair or crutches to show their injury. Think of those you have comforted in grief... Did you return months later to help sort through clothes or drawers or pictures? Did you send your condolences again on their birthday or on Halloween or on Christmas?

May our story help those who simply can't imagine the experience of grief or understand the importance of faith.