Team Charlie Lives
​              We all miss you, James, so so much.  It is just too much.

And we are going to remember you and make you smile because we are going to surf and hang out on the beach and laugh, surf, be kind to one another. We will consider each day a perfect day... we will be grateful for just one more day.    For you and with you we will  live beautiful lives and call to you and call for you.

           We will all go big and go on.  Everyone will go forward and go on for you.  Because you really loved us and we know if we were the one that you lost then you would go on...   James Would Go!

         Everyone who knew you and everyone who was your friend

 and everyone you ever played soccer with 
                            and everyone you surfed with 

            and everyone you lived near 

     and everyone you ever texted or ever texted you

        and every facebook friend will go on and help each other because we still do miss you and it is still soo very hard.  And every friend of Gaela's, every friend of Jack's,  and all the friends of your mom and dad will go on and go forward...  Because it will help them, lift them, and encourage them.  For every single sunrise is now so heavy  and the weight of all of the future days without you can begin to crush... 

James spent every spare moment surfing...

Aerobic activity is nature's prozac.  Oxygen fights depression.  Creates energy.  Here he is on one of his final weekends with his friends.

 FLASHBACK-- earlier days of joy and surf....