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Surviving Charlie

by Elise Normile on 05/28/20

After losing our son, I began to journal about our experience publicly.

I did this because the truth of grief is so very dark and frightening that I felt compelled and obligated to tell the story of so many hollow people walking among us.  I also knew that the road to recovery would be very difficult for myself, my husband, and our children.  I wanted to create bridges to those who cared, to open the door to those who wished to keep us company, to accept the help we so desperately needed.

The story begins with the very first blog which is on the very last page... If you scroll down to the bottom and click next page, next page, next page until you are at the end, you will begin at the start of our journey.

I panicked once that the blog had been lost and so I copied much of Charlies story into one file and you can click this link to read it:

But, when I lost James it became far too difficult.  I continued to share our journey through these blog posts and you can follow our journey as well.  In time, the struggle to capture life without James was too much.  For Charlie, I couldn't get over it... For James, I couldn't get into it. In Charlie's loss, I couldn't say enough to capture the depth of our pain... For James, there were no words.  

Be really good, kind, and present to those who have lost a very, close loved one. It is the most good a human can be and the most valuable karma earned. 

Thank you.

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