Team Charlie Lives
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Chasing Charlie....
the pursuit of grief relief
We lost our son, Charlie, in May 2011 and made this website in his honor the following month. 

In April 2012, we lost our oldest son, James, at 16 years old through a horrific family car accident and have added our tribute to him as well.
              On Saturday, May 21st, our two and half year old brother                and son, Charlie Normile, slipped unknowingly into our                        backyard swimming pool. After being discovered by his 9               year  old brother, he began a 6 day fight for life in the                      Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Our youngest child, Charlie                   passed away, Thursday, May 26th leaving his 15 year old                  brother, James, 16 year old sister, Gaela, and 9 year old                  brother, Jack, to begin an involuntary battle with grief and            sadness.  Fortunately, Charlie’s twin, Lola, seems oblivious to          the tragedy. 

Team Charlie began within minutes of his death. The first members of his team were the dear, devoted, and devastated PICU team of Norfolk's CHKD. They stood within feet of our little Charlie, still tucked in his hospital bed, as Mom took their photos... We knew right away that these men and women must be the start of the story we'd one day have to tell his twin sister, Lola. The pictures reflect both their professionalism and dignified grief.  

  Charlie's brothers and sisters now hear and speak from people from all fifty states who offer support and friendship to these young, broken hearts.  

  We continue to share our journey and loss with others as a testament to the importance of little Charlie and to help others view and learn from our family's grief experiences... and perhaps, share their own.

  We miss our boy. We wish he was here. We are so glad that you came to be with us awhile since he can not.

  Warmest regards,

Elise, Jay, Gaela, 16, James,15, Jack, 9, and Lola 2 1/2 

We were so frightened at the loss of our son and what we were facing that we created a team of support for our needs.  It began
 in the hospital, Norfolk's CHKD, pediatric intensive
care unit.  The pain and sadness in their faces equals the love and 
care they showed to Charlie and his family as we broke apart.

Our Dear Charlie, 
June 2011
Team Charlie members are dear and supportive people from ALL 50 STATES who are often strangers to one another who are drawn to help or to receive help in grief .  Please leave us messages on the facebook link
at the top or comments on this site. We read every one of them.  They are also printed and saved for Lola for when she can read  and when she is ready. 

Much love, 

            The Normiles.....  Elise, Jay, Gaela, James, Jack, Lola... 
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Team Charlie begins... as we stand by our little Charlie hoping to catch sight of heaven's chariot.  It was sent to collect him just moments before.
Team Charlie soon grew to members from all 50 states and several countries... Here are some of the beautiful people wearing Team Charlie bracelets
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